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Aleksey Polikhovich

Date of birth: August 29, 1990

Status: Charges brought under Article 212, Part 2 and Article 318, Part 1 of the Criminal Code

Under arrest until February 24, 2014

Location: Detention Facility No. 2 «Butyrka»

Defense lawyer: Aleksandra Pirogova

Aleksey was born in Moscowserved in the North Fleet (the photo we currently managed to find is from that time). Currently Aleksey is a part-timestudent in Conflict Resolution Studies of the Russian State Social University (first-year), works as a Senior Messenger.

Polikhovich was part of the anarchists’ file in all winter opposition protest rallieswas an Occupy movement activist; he also traveled to Zhukovsky, a Moscow suburb town, to protest against cutting down Tsag ForestHe was detained May 6 during the crackdown at Bolotnaya Square.

Aleksey was arrested July 25. He was charged with Article 212, Parts 2 and 3 of the Criminal Code, based on a video showing a person who resembles him wresting a detainee from the policeThe justification for his custody was that Polikhovich «might flee», with no evidence substantiating such claim.

October 29, 2012 Judge Skuridina extended the custody for Polikhovich until March 6, 2013.

December 21, 2012, after Putins press conferencethey «added» Article 318 to Aleksey Polikhovich’s charges, notwithstanding that theinvestigation has already been concludedThe claim was that hewhile wresting a man from the police officerhit the officer on the arm.

March 5, 2013 his custody was extended until July 6, 2013. Veterans of the Navy addressed the court with a statement where they vouched for Aleksey and expressed some views on the whole Bolotnaya case in general, but the judge ignored it.

The court proceedings started in June 2013 (The Case of Twelve), where Aleksey is one of the twelve accused.

You can write Aleksey a letter through

You can also send him a package or deposit money onto his detention facility accountwhich would allow him to buy food and other necessary items.

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  1. Василий

    Где можно увидеть видеозапись задержания Артёма?

  2. Ximena

    Vasili, zdies mozhno posmotret neskolko video. Nie znaiu iesli sluzhit
    Kstati, iesli vy jotite pomoch Artiomu bylo by zdorovo pisat iemu. Voobshe zdorovo pisat zakliuchionnym, moralnaja podderzhka ochien vazhnaja.
    S privietom iz Argentiny
    PD Svobodu Saviolovu!!! Svobodu vsiem rebiatam Bolotnogo dela!!!

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