6 сентября в Саратове прошла акция в рамках Стратегии-6

ечер Поддержки Хороших Людей

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На аукционе в поддержку “политзаключенных” собрали более 200 тысяч рублей

активистка Татьяна Илюшникова написала стихи к 3-х летней дате событий


This Russian man got three years in prison for trying to protect a fellow protester

The climate for anti-government protests in Russia has been getting chillier and chillier. Critics say the Kremlin is engaged in an expanding effort to silence government critics. The latest evidence was this week’s sentencing of four Russians who took part in a May 6, 2012, march against the inauguration of Vladimir Putin for a third …

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Youth YABLOKO activists conducted picketing in support of the Bolotnaya Square rally case prisoners

The activists of Moscow Youth YABLOKO conducted one-person picketing in support of the Bolotnaya Square rally case prisoners outside the Moscow City Court. The action was conducted on the threashold of the court hearings of the appeal on the “first wave” of the Bolotanaya rally case. Youth YABLOKO activists from the Krasnodar Territory, Nizhni Novgorod, …

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A new wave of repression on the “Bolotnaya case” (press-release)

A new wave of repression against the participants of the Moscow demonstration and rally on May 6, 2012 started last week in Russia. (That rally was dispersed and hundreds of the peaceful participants were beaten and/or arrested without any cause.) Just a week ago many people in Russia assumed that the authorities have already been …

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Nikolai Kavkazsky spoke about prison conditions at round table on tortures in Russia

On April 10 Nikolai Kavkazsky participated in a round table on tortures in the Russian prisons. According to Kavkazsky, tortures are widespread in Russia. The former political prisoner, who was charged with the Bolotnaya Square rally case, spoke about the prison conditions from his own experience and the cases he dealt with as a lawyer …

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Moscow court convicts eight Bolotnaya defendants of rioting and assault

A court in Moscow yesterday convicted eight defendants in the so-called Bolotnaya trial of rioting and assaulting police at a protest on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration to a third term as Russian president in 2012. Russian prosecutors have asked for up to six-year prison terms for the protesters, but the judge postponed sentencing …

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