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The Trial of the 12

The case against 12 defendants has been combined into a separate trial back in December of 2012. The hearing has started in June 2013. Andrey Barabanov, Stepan Zimin, Alexandra Dukhanina, Alexey Polikhovich, Denis Lutskevich, Yaroslav Belousov, Artem Savelov and Sergey Krivov are incriminated with participating in mass riots and using violence against representatives of the …

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(Russian) Дело 4-х

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(Russian) Дело Удальцова и Развозжаева

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Kosenko’s Trial

The Latest Developments: Oct 8. The verdict: Kosenko sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment. Sep 27. Four defence witnesses testify. Report from the May 6 Public Commission and another video exonerating Kosenko are added to case materials. Read more>> Sep 25. On second attempt, video evidence of Kosenko’s innocence is allowed by the judge. Direct eyewitnesses …

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Luzyanin’s Trial

Since Maxim Luzyanin made an initial guilty plea, his trial was conducted under special processing rules, without scrutinizing the evidence. The defendant is eligible for special processing rules in case of complete admission of guilt. In such cases, the prison term cannot exceed two thirds of the maximum, allowed by law. The prosecution claimed that …

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(Russian) Дело Лебедева

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