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Moscow court convicts eight Bolotnaya defendants of rioting and assault

A court in Moscow yesterday convicted eight defendants in the so-called Bolotnaya trial of rioting and assaulting police at a protest on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration to a third term as Russian president in 2012. Russian prosecutors have asked for up to six-year prison terms for the protesters, but the judge postponed sentencing …

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“What the authorities want is revenge”, Russian demo accused tells court

Next week, on Friday 21 February, a Moscow judge will sentence eight defendants in the “Bolotnoe case” – people arrested in a crackdown that followed the protest movement of 2011-12. Prosecutors have called for sentences of between five and six years in prison.The defendants – Sasha Dukhanina, Sergei Krivov, Aleksei Polikhovich, Artyom Savyolov, Denis Lutskevich, …

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Bolotnaya prisoners should be declared not guilty

The YABLOKO party expresses protest in connection with the fact that the public prosecution demanded large terms of imprisonment for the Bolotnaya Square Case prisoners: the demonstrators may face up to five or six years in prison. Such a sentence will become another evidence of the repressive character of our judicial and law enforcement systems. …

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Pussy Riot pair visit court in show of solidarity with anti-Putin protesters

Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova at Zamoskvoretsky district court in Moscow. Photograph: Evgeny Feldman/AFP/Getty Images In the grim, cramped lobby of Zamoskvoretsky district court in Moscow,Pussy Riot‘s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina stood in a group of 30 people, eyes glued to a big screen airing a live broadcast of a trial under …

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The doctor called for Sergey Krivov was not allowed to enter the courtroom. (Photo)

Origin: Novaya Gazeta, Julia Polukhina reported on Nov. 18, 2013 The ‘Bolotnaya trial’ is going on. Sergey Krivov needed ambulance today, but the judge banned doctors from entering the courtroom (see the photo) Brief retelling of the original Russian article is below. Sergey Krivov, one of the 12 defendants of the ‘Bolotnaya trial’, is keeping …

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(Russian) Alexey Gorbachev. The dangerous way to the courthouse. The defendants of the ‘Bolotnaya trial’ accuse their guards of beating the prisoners.



RUSSIAN AUTHORITIES: STOP TORTURES OF THE DEFENDANTS IN THE MAY 6TH TRIAL http://tinyurl.com/kt56dq5 The “May 6th Committee” demands! The trial of the 12 participants in the Moscow protest rally that took place on May 6 2012 began in June 2013 in Moscow. The defendants are accused of “participation in mass riots” and “violence targeting members …

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The Press Centre of the December 12 Round-Table Commission in charge of the public inquiry into the Bolotnaya case invites you to attend the third public hearings based on the results of the ongoing court hearings in Bolotnaya case (16.07.2013-08.08.2013). Participating are the defence attorneys and public defenders of the defendants in Bolotnaya case, members …

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To the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and to other organizations

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Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Committee against Torture [an identical text has been addressed to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, the European Parliament, its subcommittee on human rights and the ALDE Group, European Union, International Bar Association] June 24 was the beginning of open court hearings in the so called Bolotnaya case ( http://6may.org/en/ ). According to what the attorneys for the defense report, major violations …

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