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This Russian man got three years in prison for trying to protect a fellow protester

The climate for anti-government protests in Russia has been getting chillier and chillier. Critics say the Kremlin is engaged in an expanding effort to silence government critics. The latest evidence was this week’s sentencing of four Russians who took part in a May 6, 2012, march against the inauguration of Vladimir Putin for a third …

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Путин на опыт ссылался…


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Jeff Monson about Gaskarov

Alexey Gaskarov. Bolotnoye case. One day – one name.


  May 3rd – is the day of solidarity with Alexey Gaskarov – the last one to get arrested in the connection with the «Bolotnoye case». Alexey Gaskarov is a well known anti-faschist, defender of the Khimki and the Tsagi forests. He has become a civil activist virtually upon his graduation from the high school. …

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