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The doctor called for Sergey Krivov was not allowed to enter the courtroom. (Photo)

Origin: Novaya Gazeta, Julia Polukhina reported on Nov. 18, 2013 The ‘Bolotnaya trial’ is going on. Sergey Krivov needed ambulance today, but the judge banned doctors from entering the courtroom (see the photo) Brief retelling of the original Russian article is below. Sergey Krivov, one of the 12 defendants of the ‘Bolotnaya trial’, is keeping …

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(Russian) Alexey Gorbachev. The dangerous way to the courthouse. The defendants of the ‘Bolotnaya trial’ accuse their guards of beating the prisoners.


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Sergey Krivov. Bolotnoye case. One day – one name.

Сергей Кривов

May 2nd – is the day of solidarity with Sergey Krivov. Sergey is in prison since October 18th last year. He is charged with the same Criminal Code articles as most of the other 6th May prisoners, «participation in mass riots» and «using violence towards police». «Violence» of Krivov constituted of him snatching a baton …

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