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Akimenkov Vladimir

Released from custody under amnesty Vladimir Akimenkov (born 1987) – is an activist of the “Left Front”. Accused of rioting on Bolotnaya Sq and violence against a police officer, and is being held on remand. The prosecutor’s motivation for remand was that Akimenkov “goes to anti-government political actions. The judge ignored medical documents provided for …

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Дмитрий Алтайчинов в Замоскворецком суде. Фото Д.Зыкова/Грани.Ру

(Russian) Алтайчинов Дмитрий

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Анатолий Леонин. Фото Дмитрия Борко

(Russian) Анатолий Леонин

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Arkhipenkov Oleg

Oleg Arkhipenkov (born 1985) – commercial director of a travel agency. Arkhipenkov was not on Bolotnaya Square on the 6th May and was arbitrarily detained on Teatralnaya Square on the same day. He is being accused of rioting on Bolotnaya Square. Is not a member of any political parties or organisations.

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Maria Baronova

Amnestied Maria Baronova (born 1984) is accused of organising the riot. Was released on bail, and had state guardianship agents come round to threaten her with taking away her 5 year old son.

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Fyodor Bakhov

Fyodor Bakhov (born 1981) – chemist, has a PhD, supports a family (4-year-old daughter and seriously ill wife). Despite handing himself in and willingness to assist the investigation, he is being kept under arrest. Bakhov is accused of rioting and violence towards a police officer. His lawyer has practically no access to him or to …

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Nikolay Kavkazski

Freed from house arrest under amnesty Nikolay Kavkazski, born in 1986, is legal advisor to the Civil Rights Committee and a member of the group « Left Socialist Action ». He is charged with rioting and with violence against a policemen and is being held in preventive detention.

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Kamenskiy Alexandr

Alexandr Kamenskiy (born 1977) – “Drugaia Rossia” (Another Russia) activist. On May 6th Kamenskiy was arrested on Revolutsii Sq, never was in Bolotnaya Square on that day. He is being accused of taking part in, inciting to, and organising a riot. He was initially detained untill 10 August, but later got released on bail.

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Ковязин Леонид

Koviazin Leonid

Released from custody under amnesty Leonid Koviazin, born 28 septembre 1986, lives in Kirov, works in the theater, and is also a contributor to the newspaper « Viatsky nabludatel » (The Viatka Observer). At the request of his editors, he photographed the May 6 demonstrations. On September 5 he was arrested in Kirov and charged …

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Фото: Виталий Рагулин / Коммерсантъ

(Russian) Олег Мельников

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Dmitry Rukavishnikov

Dmitry Rukavishnikov (36 years old) was identified as a participant in the clashes taking place on May 6 and taken to Moscow for the court to rule on the applicable pre-trial restrain in his case. Dmitry Rukavishnikov, who is also an assistant to the State Duma parliamentarian Ilya Ponomarev , barely managed to send word that he was …

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Anastassia Rybatchenko

Anastassia Rybatchenko Born 11 septembre 1991, is a student of political science and a member of the leadership of the « Solidarnost » (Solidarity) Movement in Moscow. She has taken part in many protest actions. On May 6 she was arrested during the demonstration and held in administrative detention for five days. Subsequently, she was charged with …

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Sobolyov Rikhard

Rikhard Sobolyov (born 1990) – electrician. Arrested on 10 June on suspicion of rioting on Bolotnaya Sq and is being held on remand with the additional charge of violence against a police officer.

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Полина Стронгина. Фото: facebook.com/polina.strongina

(Russian) Стронгина Полина

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