Koviazin Leonid

Released from custody under amnesty

Leonid Koviazin, born 28 septembre 1986, lives in Kirov, works in the

theater, and is also a contributor to the newspaper « Viatsky

nabludatel » (The Viatka Observer). At the request of his editors, he

photographed the May 6 demonstrations. On September 5 he was arrested

in Kirov and charged with rioting. The accusation is based on a video

showing him passing close to a portable toilet that the demonstrators

had knocked over trying to defend themselves from the riot police.

Although four actors have vauched for him, he is being held in

preventive detention.


  1. Ольга

    Все, нашла по Ковязину.

  2. Иван

    Добавьте на страницу ещё год рождения – 1986. Он нужен например если делать заказ на skladsizo.ru

  3. Николай

    Добавьте видео из “Один день – одно имя” про Леню.

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