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(Russian) Отбыли срок заключения


Andrei Barabanov

Barabanov,  Andrei Nikolaevich Date of birth: June 25, 1990 Under arrest until February 24th 2014 Location: Currently being transferred to the penal colony Attorney: Svetlana Sidorkina Graduate of Moscow College of Math.  Officially unemployed, he worked in the creative arts. Vegetarian. He suffers from chronic gastritis and fallen arches. Andrei  Barabanov was detained on May 6th on accusations of refusing to obey the police and sentenced to 24 hours ofadministrative arrest. …

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Yaroslav Belousov

Yaroslav Belousov DOB: July 30, 1991 Status: accused according to the Article 212, part 2 and Article 318, part 1 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation Arrested till February 24, 2014 Current location: Hospital (?) Defenders: Dmitry Agranovsky, Ekaterina Goryainova 4th year politology student. Married, has a son. Yaroslav first got involved in the …

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Alexey Gaskarov

Alexei Gaskarov, a Russian social activist and economist, was arrested in Moscow on April 27, 2013. Gaskarov first became known to the broader public both in Russia and abroad in 2010, as one of the “Khimki hostages,” when he was arrested the day after a grassroots protest action in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, apparently …

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Илья Гущин

Ilya Guschin

Ilya Guschin (25 years old) has remained in detention since February 2013. He is charged with grabbing a police officer’s clothing to interfere with detention of a rally participant. Ilya admitted to having tried to drag a police officer who was bludgeoning a man fallen to the ground away from his victim. A video recording …

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Zimin Stepan

Stepan Zimin (born 1992) – 4th year student at the history, politics and law faculty, Russian State Humanities University. Anarchist and antifascist. Zimin is being accused of throwing a piece of asphalt at a police officer and hitting him on a finger. The police officer’s testimony is contradictory: he first asserted that did not see …

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Mikhail Kosenko

Kosenko, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Date of Birth: July 8th 1975 Status: Found guilty of assaulting a police officer and “calling for mass disturbances” (II, 212 and II, 318 Criminal Code). The court declared him seriously mentally ill and sentenced him to forced psychiatric treatment. Mr. Kosenko awaits the decision on his appeal. Under arrest until a …

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Sergеу Krivov

Sergеу Krivov born September 8, 1965, is a physicist. He has two children, aged 9 and 12, and his wife is handicapped. He is a civil liberties activist and has participated in many actions in defense of political prisoners, including those arrested for participating in the May 6 demonstrations. He is a member of the …

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Konstantin Lebedev

Konstantin Lebedev, born on June 25 1979, is active in the Russian Socialist Movement. He was called in for interrogation following the Oct. 5, 2012 projection of the film «The Anatomy of the Protests» and arrested on Oct. 17. He is charged with the organization and preparation of riots, including the May 6 demonstration at …

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Maksim Luzyanin

So far Maxim Luzyanin is the only person found guilty of taking part in Bolotnaya Square ”mass riots” and assaulting police officers. He is also the only Bolotnaya case defendant to plead guilty to these charges (the second person convicted in Bolotnaya case was Konstantin Lebedev, who admitted organising mass riots). By pleading guilty to …

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Lutskevich Denis

Denis Lutskevich Date of birth: April 11, 1992 Status: Charges brought under Article 212, Part 2 and Article 318, Part 1 of the Criminal Code Under arrest until February 24, 2014 Location: Detention Facility No. 5 «Vodnik» Defense lawyer: Dmitriy Dinze Served in the army, in the Air Assault Battalion of the Baltic Fleet, an elite paratroop unit. Participated, as part of the flag group, in the 9th May Parade at the Red Square. A part-time student, Assistant of Dean of Cultural …

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Alexander Margolin

Aleksandr Margolin Date of birth: December 17, 1971 Status: Charges brought under Article 212, Part 2 and Article 318, Part 1 of the Criminal Code Under arrest until February 6, 2014 Location: Detention Facility No. 5 «Vodnik» Defense lawyer: Anna Polozova (RosUznik) Aleksandr Margolin graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts, works as the Deputy Director of the Mediacenter ART Publishing House, is married with two daughters. Aleksandr participated in protests since December 2011. After the rally at Chistye Prudy he was arrested and …

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Alexey Polikhovich

Aleksey Polikhovich Date of birth: August 29, 1990 Status: Charges brought under Article 212, Part 2 and Article 318, Part 1 of the Criminal Code Under arrest until February 24, 2014 Location: Currently being transferred to the penal colony Defense lawyer: Aleksandra Pirogova Aleksey was born in Moscow, served in the North Fleet (the photo we currently managed to find is from that time). Currently Aleksey is a part-timestudent in Conflict Resolution Studies of the Russian State Social University (first-year), works as a Senior Messenger. Polikhovich was part of the anarchists’ file in …

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фото Развозжаева

Leonid Razvozzhaev

Leonid Razvozzhaev, Born June 12 1973, is a businessman, former President of the Retail and Service Workers’ Union. He is married with two children, aged 8 and 16, and supports his old mother who lives in Siberia. A politically active since 1998, he is a member of the ‘Left Front’ and Assistant to Representative I. …

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Savelov Artem

Савелов Артем Викторович, 1979 г.р Статус: Обвинение предъявлено по ч.1,ч.2 ст. 212 УК и ч.1 ст.318 УК Арестован до 11 августа Местонахождение: СИЗО-4

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