Yaroslav Belousov

Yaroslav Belousov

DOB: July 30, 1991

Status: accused according to the Article 212, part 2 and Article 318, part 1 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation

Arrested till February 24, 2014

Current location: Hospital (?)

Defenders: Dmitry Agranovsky, Ekaterina Goryainova

4th year politology student. Married, has a son.

Yaroslav first got involved in the movement “For Fair Elections”. Twice he served as an election monitor, and once – as a member of the election committee. After being disillusioned by this experience, Yaroslav began attending opposition rallies.

Belousov was arrested on June 9th. He was accused according to the Article 212, part 2, and Article 318, part 1 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation. Prosecution testified, that “on May 6, together with a group of other protesters, Beloysov tried to break police cordon on the Bolotnaya Square. He hit police officers and threw pieces of asphalt at them.” As evidence, prosecution presented a videotape showing Belousov shouting “Fascists!” and throwing an unidentifiable yellow object at the crowd.

Belousov was arrested by the order of the Basmanny Court of Moscow till November 5th. Court justified its decision by saying that Yaroslav could go into hiding or exert pressure onto the witnesses, even though both of these accusations were groundless. Court did not take into consideration Yaroslav’s health issues: he has sight problems (nearsightedness of -8 and -9 diopters) and bronchial asthma (which is especially damaging, considering the fact that almost everyone smokes in jail).

On October 29 the court extended Yaroslav’s detention, despite the fact that his relatives were ready to pay bail, and one city MP and several municipal MPs have vouched for him.

Trial began in June 2013 (The Trial of the 12), and Yaroslav is one of the 12 accused.

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