Maksim Luzyanin

So far Maxim Luzyanin is the only person found guilty of taking part in Bolotnaya Square ”mass riots” and assaulting police officers. He is also the only Bolotnaya case defendant to plead guilty to these charges (the second person convicted in Bolotnaya case was Konstantin Lebedev, who admitted organising mass riots).

By pleading guilty to all charges (however inaccurate), and paying damages to the police (real or not), Maxim hoped to earn a reduced or suspended sentence. However, despite his desire to reunite with his family, Maxim refused to testify against others. While accepting all the charges against himself, Luzyanin consistently stated that he was acting on his own.

Luzyanin was sentenced to 4.5 years in a medium-security prison and is now serving his sentence in Novomoskovsk, Tula Oblast. The verdict was read out by judge Fedin of Zamoskvoretsky Moscow District Court. Later, Moscow Municipal Court confirmed the verdict.

Luzyanin is 37, he is married, has a teenage son, lives a healthy lifestyle, is a bodybuilder, and owns a fitness club. Relatives state that Maxim’s relationship with his son is almost “brotherly”. Luzyanin helped the local orthodox church and assisted in opening a dance studio in a village not far away from Podolsk.

Luzyanin’s prison term runs until November 2016. He will be eligible for parole after serving half of his sentence.


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  1. Рамиль

    Странно, что у Максима не указан адвокат, есть ли он у него?

  2. admin

    Есть, Сергей Шушпанов.

  3. sasha

    а его ещё не этапировали?

  4. Дергачев Е.Н.

    Максим этапирован куда-то в Тульскую область. Подробности выясняются.

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