Alexander Margolin

Aleksandr Margolin

Date of birth: December 171971

Status: Charges brought under Article 212, Part 2 and Article 318, Part 1 of the Criminal Code

Under arrest until February 6, 2014

Location: Detention Facility No. 5 «Vodnik»

Defense lawyer: Anna Polozova (RosUznik)

Aleksandr Margolin graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Artsworks as the Deputy Director of the Mediacenter ART Publishing House, is married with two daughters.

Aleksandr participated in protests since December 2011. After the rally at Chistye Prudy he was arrested and detained for 10 days. Aleksandr wasnot detained May 6 andaccording to witnesseswas quite far from the breakthrough location or major arrest sites.

The investigation claims that they have video evidence showing Margolin push Special Police Force officer to the ground during the clash of protesters with the police; however, such video materials have not been shown.

Aleksey Merinovcaricature artistfriend of Aleksandr Margolin, at

«No one knows anything about Sasha [short for “Aleksandr”] because he is not a civil society activist. What they write about him is not trueHe was not involved in politics until December 2011, after these so-called «elections». He was outragedas were thousands of peopleSo, same as many others, he went outside to protest. As it was new to him, he did not even take his cell phone, then he got arrestedHe was sentenced to 15 days,was there with [IlyaYashin in the same detention facility (Ed. note: after the Chistye Prudy rally December 5, 2011). He is no activistno outright dissenter; he is in publishing, he has worked in glossy magazines. A publisher, a Deputy Director, Economics, of Media-Art Publishing HouseHehas once commissioned me to do pictures for XXL Magazine, he used to work there.

He had not been talking about politics beforejust grew interested latelyI know him as a soccer supporterwe were going to soccer games together.We’re both CSKA supportersWe mostly saw each other at stadiumsBut hes not a hardcore fanwhat kind of fans can we beWe’re in our forties and fiftiesWe watch soccertalkhave a beer after the game — and that’s itThere are some violent soccer fansbut Sasha is not one of themIt isa stereotype that if you go to soccer games it means you’re violentNot Sasha; we would go to see games with our wives and children.

I do not believe he did anything wrong thereon Bolotnaya, — it looks like they are simply detaining whoever they can now, whoever got their attention that dayHe is a quiet mana family manhe loves his wifehas two daughtersas far as I rememberI am shockedI cannot believe this is happening ».

Grigory Yudin about Aleksandr Margolin:

Politvestniks report of Margolin’s court session:

A report from RosUznik from the court session on Aleksandr’s detention hearing

Audio record of the court session, part 1

Audio record of the court session, part 2:

Audio record of the court session, part 3:

Audio record of the court session, part 4, statements of his wife and defense lawyer:

Audio record of the court sessionpart 5Aleksandr’s statement and hearing of arguments:

Audio record of the court sessionverdict, Aleksandr’s statement and hearing of arguments


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