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(Russian) В колонии

Дмитрий Ишевский на Болотной. Кадр видео из материалов дела

(Russian) Ишевский Дмитрий

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Иван Непомнящих. Фото: zona.media

(Russian) Непомнящих Иван

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Sergey Udaltsov

Sergey Stanislavovich Udaltsov Date of Birth: February 16, 1977 Current status: Charged pursuant to  Part 1 of Article 212 of the Russian Criminal Code and Part 1 of Article 30 of the Russian Criminal Code . Whereabouts: Placed under house arrest until April 6, 2013 Defence lawyers: Violetta Volkova, Yuri Volovelsky, Victoria Savchenko. Sergey Udaltsov was …

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