Sergey Udaltsov

Sergey Stanislavovich Udaltsov

Date of Birth: February 16, 1977

Current status: Charged pursuant to  Part 1 of Article 212 of the Russian Criminal Code and Part 1 of Article 30 of the Russian Criminal Code .

Whereabouts: Placed under house arrest until April 6, 2013

Defence lawyers: Violetta Volkova, Yuri Volovelsky, Victoria Savchenko.

Sergey Udaltsov was born in Moscow to a family of intellectuals. His father was a research historian. His maternal great-grandfather was Ivan Udaltsov, a prominent revolutionary, statesman and public figure. A street in south-western Moscow is named after him.

In 1999 he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Moscow Academy of Water Transport. After his graduation he practised law working as a legal adviser.

A political activist since 1997.

In 1998 he rose to prominence as a talented leader through his active involvement in organising the big political protest event dubbed “March on Moscow”. Udaltsov was the mastermind and the founder of the Vanguard of Red Youth, which was later reorganised and renamed into the Left Front movement. At the founding congress of the Vanguard of Red Youth in 1999 he was elected its leader. He has also been я бессменным coordinator of the Left Front movement  till present. Member elect of the Russian opposition Coordination Council.

Sergei Udaltsov is an active advocate and campaigner for the social rights of ordinary Muscovites, he has been organising protesting against infill urban development. He was also among the organisers of major recent civil protest events, campaigning for fair elections. He has been repeatedly arrested and detained with grave violations of the law. While serving his term under administrative arrest he had on more than one occassion gone on ’dry’ hunger-strikes, and was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Sergei has authored a number of political publications in the media. He is married with two children.

Placed under house arrest until April 6, 2013.

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